Living room

The living room is definitely the most used room in the whole house. That’s why finding the right floor is really important. It has to be as multifunctional as the room itself, of course. Because besides all the binge-watching and easy Sundays, there are also a lot of busier moments. The Twelve parquet flooring is per-fect for the living space.


Parquet flooring

A floor to live on

Our wooden floors bring your living room back to life. The oak parquet floors of The Twelve are warm and inviting. Exactly what every living room needs. To make it even easier for you and to avoid presenting long lists of all the flooring options, we have simply designed a collection of twelve floors. Not thirteen, of course, otherwise the name wouldn’t be right 😉 . We are convinced that a floor from The Twelve will suit any interior style.


Why you will love your new The Twelve floor

The Twelve is a multilayer parquet. That’s not solid parquet, we hear you say? Indeed, but that’s exactly why it offers some important advantages.


Warm feeling, warm feet

The Twelve parquets can also be used with underfloor heating. Yes, you are reading this correctly. With our parquet, you can go up to 27°C without any deformations. And because it is not a solid parquet, The Twelve conducts better and it gets warm quicker in your home. Your bare feet will thank you. And, uh, you don’t have underfloor heating? No worries, because parquet does not need underfloor heating to look warm and cosy.


Made in Europe

Sustainability is really important to us. With The Twelve, we have therefore ensured that everything comes from close by and not from far away. Not from China, but from right here in Europe. And we only work with wood from sustainably managed forests, guaranteed by PEFC. So with a floor from The Twelve, you not only add character to your living room, but you also contribute to a sustainable world. Isn’t that great?

Quick and easy maintenance

Good news: with a The Twelve parquet, simply vacuuming or using a soft brush over your floor is all it takes. When you want to clean and freshen up your parquet, The Twelve Parquet Soap and The Twelve Maintenance Oil are waiting for you.


Long live the guarantee

At The Twelve we are very confident about our floors. That’s why we give a 20-year warranty on every parquet floor. That way you can relax for the next few decades.

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Want to choose one of The Twelve for your new floor? Stop by one of our dealers and experience for yourself the warmth of the wood and excellent finish of every fibre. Our professionals would be happy to advise and assist you in making the right choice for your floor.