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You bet they are! Each of our planks comes from European oaks. Each fibre is processed and treated locally in Europe which not only means that you get a splendid floor, but also that you contribute to a better world. It means that there’s a short chain from the tree to the producer to the distributor to unique parquet flooring in your home. Furthermore, respect for nature is central to our policy at The Twelve and Decospan. We give force to this conviction in the Pure Wood Charter. We ask all of our suppliers to subscribe to and comply with this charter. It gives a clear signal to clients and suppliers that our dedication to the preservation of nature is an important part of our strategy.
Our Czech Decospan establishment is located in rolling hills surrounded by deep forests, large rock formations and impressive mountain streams. You can literally feel at one with nature in this amazing landscape and this is where we manufacture our splendid composite parquet, The Twelve. By setting up an establishment as close as possible to the origin of the trees, we can perform sustainable forest management locally and respond rapidly. Locally sourced, locally sawn, locally produced.
The Twelve parquet is perfectly suitable for combining with underfloor heating provided that the temperature of the parquet does not exceed 27°C. Since there are various underfloor heating systems, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For more information on this topic, you can always ask our dealers. You can also find specific installation instructions on our product detail pages.
Wood is a natural material that is sensitive to humidity. Too much humidity or extremely dry air can cause it to become distorted. This depends on your regional climate or the ambient conditions in your home. Prevention is better than cure, so when you have your parquet installed we recommend that you check the relative air humidity in your home using a hygrometer. Depending on the result, you can acclimatise your rooms using an air humidifier or dehumidifier. The humidity level should be between 40% and 60%.
The Twelve is European composite parquet. A top layer of 3 mm of oak is firmly pressed on to a strong layer of European pine.  Not only is this a long-lasting core, but it also ensures that natural movements of the wood are kept to a minimum. Furthermore, pine is also an ideal conductor of heat which makes it a perfect match for underfloor heating.
Choosing parquet is a fun stage of renovating or fitting out your new home. Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees when you are doing renovation or a new build. This is precisely why we invented The Twelve. Parquet which makes it easy for you to choose. How? Well, above all, your personal taste comes first.
  1. If you are a fan of lots of large knots, choose Natural Signature. If you prefer fewer and smaller knots, then Minimal Signature is for you. Our product summary lets you easily filter your selection.
  2. Then you need to choose your favourite colour. Do you prefer a light, natural, or dark colour? We have something for all tastes.
  3. There is no need whatsoever to get stressed about plank sizes, cores, and top layers. The Twelve comes in a single plank format of 1920×190 mm, there is always a pine core, and your oak top layer is always 3 mm. If only everything in life were so simple!
The answer’s already in our name, The Twelve. Our collection has 12 colours. Each colour has its own specific characteristics and variations. For instance, our first 6 numbers are always smoked. Smoking or fuming is a process that gives your wood a naturally aged appearance for a great weathered look. You’ll also notice that parquet or a wooden floor is a 100% natural product. This means that there may be slight colour variations, which makes your floor even more fascinating, natural, and playful.
The reactive stains and smoking processes that we use for The Twelve are particularly striking and give the wood its unique weathered or sometimes even aged look. Subtle nuance differences between light and dark hues in the colour pattern also contribute to this natural aspect. These nuance differences are caused by the different quantities of tannin that each oak may contain, depending on the region or even its position in the forest. This means that shade and reaction differences are completely normal and also make our parquet floors slightly unique.
Just as with any wooden floor, The Twelve is susceptible to scratches or dents. However, this aged aspect gives it an authentic appearance. Nevertheless, if you would prefer to avoid this, then there are plenty of solutions available. Keep your parquet clean, use a doormat when you come inside, place pads under furniture feet, put a protective mat under chairs with wheels. To freshen up your floor a little, we recommend using ‘The Twelve Maintenance Oil’ in concentrated form.
If your floor loses its lustre over time and you want to freshen it up a little, we recommend using ‘The Twelve Maintenance Oil’ in concentrated form. This will help you retain the soft shine for longer, if you that is what you want. Even if you have underfloor heating, you can apply this product twice to wood to give it sufficient nourishment.
For daily maintenance and long-term protection of your oiled parquet, it’s best to use a soft broom or vacuum cleaner, and then clean it using ‘The Twelve parquet soap’. To really freshen up parquet that has lost its lustre and bring back its shine, use ‘The Twelve Maintenance Oil’ in concentrated form.
For daily maintenance and long-term protection of your oiled parquet, follow these steps:
  1. Use a soft sweeping brush or the hoover
  2. Clean with The Twelve Parquet Soap – based on natural waxes and oils. Cleans, nourishes and protects.
We like to keep it simple with The Twelve. All of our parquet floors are multi-layer and have a top layer with a thickness of 3 mm. This means that you can sand the top layer a maximum of 2 times.
You should always fully apply adhesive to The Twelve parquet during installation. When installing parquet with adhesive, use a parquet installer who can connect up the tongue and groove profiles. The installer will spread out the adhesive on the surface using a notched trowel and place the planks on top of the adhesive. The result is a splendid and stable parquet floor. Download the installation instructions here for a fully-glued, tongue-and-groove parquet installation.
We always treat our floors with two layers of oil. One layer gives it colour, and the other layer provides extra-deep protection for your floor. With The Twelve, we have made sure that everything is as easy as possible. The floor has already been completely finished and does not need any expensive final treatments or special soap washes after installation. Your dream floor is ready for use as soon as the installer has left.

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