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As far as our ecological footprint is concerned, we’re one step ahead. How? To start, The Twelve guarantees sustainable forest management. Every board is made from 100% European wood and processed by people with a passion for wood in every fibre of their being. True craftsmen. So, every product is made from ‘neighbouring’ oak trees, which means that you, too, can help make the world a more sustainable place. By the way, we only work with wood from sustainably managed forests, guaranteed by PEFC. The Twelve: wood flooring that gives more than it takes.

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No made in China here. We prefer to stay closer to home.

We weren’t born yesterday, but right around the corner. Just like The Twelve. Parquet flooring is often made in China from wood originating from all corners of the world, only to be transported 7,000 km to Europe for sale. That’s not okay with us. We harvest and process our wood from our locally managed forests (PEFC-certified) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and are therefore, unlike many others, a genuinely sustainable brand.

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Made in Europe.

We process the carefully selected oak into flooring at our own sawmill in the Czech Republic. Here we dry the wood slowly until it reaches the perfect humidity level. This results in highly stable boards that will not shrink or swell unintentionally. The dried boards of The Twelve are then sent directly to our final production line. At our factory, we process every board into engineerd wood with the typical tongue and groove system, treat it with oil and… it’s ready to install.

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Delivered in Europe.

Finally, we deliver the boards to your The Twelve dealer. And it doesn’t take long because the flooring doesn’t have to be transported over endless kilometres. That makes us proud.

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Want to choose one of The Twelve for your new floor? Stop by one of our dealers and experience for yourself the warmth of the wood and excellent finish of every fibre. Our professionals would be happy to advise and assist you in making the right choice for your floor.