Dining room

With parquet, you welcome guests into your dining room in style. Getting together to celebrate something, raising a glass during a jolly aperitif or spoiling your guests with culinary delights, it all takes place in the dining room. The place where everything happens and where you therefore like to receive your guests in an elegant room.


Now that we enjoy getting together with friends and family more than ever, it might be the ideal time to update the dining room.  Besides finding the perfect chairs for your dining table, the most beautiful set of plates and wine glasses to match your style of interior, choosing a floor is equally important. With a wooden floor, you can set the whole mood of the room.

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Pick a style.

Whether you go for a Scandinavian, country or modern look, with an oak floor you can never go wrong. But we know better than anyone that not every floor goes with every style. At The Twelve, we’re convinced of that. That is why, in addition to numbering the collection, we have given each floor a name. This way you can create your own personal bond with the style of parquet flooring that is closest to you. We also like to make things as easy as possible. In just three steps you can find your dream floor for your dining room. With our twelve floors, there is a floor for every style.


A floor to come home to.

Besides welcoming guests, you are of course the most important element. Checking the newspaper or your social media in the morning while having breakfast… it all happens in the dining room. So besides being stylish, a floor has to feel warm and homely. An oak floor is the perfect combination for that. Besides, the oak at The Twelve is 100% European. Not from China, but from here. This way you contribute to a more sustainable world as well. If that isn’t great!

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Warranty, check.

Still not convinced? The parquet of The Twelve is not a solid parquet, but it does offer some important advantages. The Twelve is made up of 3 layers, with the top robust layer, the top layer, being 3 mm thick. These different layers ensure that your parquet does not expand or shrink at all due to humidity or temperature differences. That is why we dare to give a 20 year guarantee.

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Want to choose one of The Twelve for your new floor? Stop by one of our dealers and experience for yourself the warmth of the wood and excellent finish of every fibre. Our professionals would be happy to advise and assist you in making the right choice for your floor.