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How do I choose the best parquet or wooden floor?

Choosing parquet is a fun stage of renovating or fitting out your new home. Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees when you are doing renovation or a new build. This is precisely why we invented The Twelve. Parquet which makes it easy for you to choose. How? Well, above all, your personal taste comes first.

  1. If you are a fan of lots of large knots, choose Natural Signature. If you prefer fewer and smaller knots, then Minimal Signature is for you. Our product summary lets you easily filter your selection.
  2. Then you need to choose your favourite colour. Do you prefer a light, natural, or dark colour? We have something for all tastes.
  3. There is no need whatsoever to get stressed about plank sizes, cores, and top layers. The Twelve comes in a single plank format of 1920×190 mm, there is always a pine core, and your oak top layer is always 3 mm. If only everything in life were so simple!

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Want to choose one of The Twelve for your new floor? Stop by one of our dealers and experience for yourself the warmth of the wood and excellent finish of every fibre. Our professionals would be happy to advise and assist you in making the right choice for your floor.